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How this all works

To have your Child/Children's photo taken you will need to complete the booking form available from your childcare centre. Please ensure that this form is handed back to the centre the day before photo day date.

On photo day please make sure the your Child/Children are at the centre no later then 9:30am. If the centre has Classic/Group class photos your child will need to be at the centre 10 min before the scheduled class photo time. If your centre has chosen this option the class photo time can be found on the posters and in the emails that have been sent out by the centre.

If your Child/Children attend the centre on the day that the photos are to be taken, we do ask that you drop them off and give them the opportunity to settle in to the normal routine before they come and see us. On the day, we photograph the children in a specific order to add with the smooth running of the event. We prefer that parents do not wait around to watch their child have their photos taken as this might be some time after drop off.

3 weeks after photo day you will receive a code card with your gallery access code, we will also text you with the code. The online store is open for 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks later your order will be at the centre ready for pick up.

Types of photo we offer

Individual photos

In most cases if your child is willing, they will have their photos taken on two backdrops that are chosen by the centre. On average there are 8+ images to choose from.

Sibling Photos

We photograph all siblings, even if they do not attend the centre, so please bring them in a for a photo of all your children.  If a child is unable to sit independently, for example if they are under 12 months of age, the opportunity is available for you to be in the photo holding your child.  A maximum of two adults in the one photo and not combinations of family members. Even though this is a family photo we only offer this as it's the best way to photography very young children.

Best Friend or Extended Family Photos

All that is needed is for the parent/guardian of each child to email their consent for there child's image to be sold to the other family. This needs to be done before the images go online. These images will be in a separate gallery than the individual photos. 

Absent Photo Day Sessions

If your child was unable to attend and missed out on having there photo taken a studio session can be arranges. Our studio is located in Arana Hill taking booking every 2nd and 4th Saturday every month. ($20 fee applies)


With the ability to produce all of our photographic print in house we have to opportunity to offer high quality prints. With our flexible online ordering system we are capable to provide you with choice to make your own package or select one of the many other print package or product we have available.

  • Single prints start for $25, discounts are available with purchases of multiple single prints.
  • Print package start from $40.
  • Class photos $25.
  • Digital image files can be ordered and supplied either as a download or USB.
  • PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE, conditions do apply.
  • Past years photos are available, fee applies.

All image files are archived for a couple of years. So if something happens to your digital file we will replace it for free.

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